PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Course

PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Course

Become a certified diver for depths of up to 30 meters!

Course Overview

5 dives, over 2 weekends, that typically includes the following:

  • Dive DEEP! Between 18 and 30 meters!
  • Buoyancy control
  • Dive navigation
  • Multi level diving!
  • Sea dive
  • Boat dive
  • Wreck exploration
  • Search and recovery

A certified Advanced Open Water Diver is licensed to dive to 30 metres. The course comprises a theory element plus multiple choice examination. The theory courses expands on the principles learnt in the Open Water course. You will learn about factors you need to consider when diving down to depths of upto 30 metres.
The open water training comprises of 5 dives normally spread over two weekends.

Advanced Open water course includes

Advanced Manual

Dive Equipment

Dive Air

Member dicount!

Course Cost: £335

* Excludes dive site entrance fees or costs of boat trips if applicable


PADI Open Water Course FAQ's

You need to have successfully completed the PADI Open Water course

No the course comprises five open water dives undertaken over at least two days

The five dives are all PADI Adventure Dives. Once you have completed the Advanced Open Water course you can credit each Adventure Dive towards the relevant Speciality Course. 
For the Advanced Course you have to do the Deep Adventure Dive which is a dive down to a maximum of 30 metres. You also have to do the Navigation Adventure Dive which builds on the navigation skills you learnt in your Open Water course.
You then have to do three additional Adventure Dives. The full range of Adventure Dives is shown in the PADI Continuing Education Flow Chart.
For our Advanced Course the three Adventure Dives we normally do are the Buoyancy Adventure Dive (which can then be credited towards the Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Course), the Search and Recovery Adventure Dive (which can then be credited towards the Search and Recovery Speciality Course) and the Wreck Adventure Dive (which can be credited towards the Wreck Speciality Course). 

The minimum age to do the Advanced is 12 years.


Are you ready to Scuba Dive?

Book your Scuba Diving Course with Martin and the Welsh Diving team today!

Are you ready to Scuba Dive?

Book your Scuba Diving Course with Martin and the Welsh Diving team today!

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